clothing for lovers, artists, misfits, vagabonds, sinners, old-souls, rebels, stoners, drifters, movers, shakers + rolling stones.

Sugarhigh+Lovestoned originated from collaboration between two friends… Ginny Slim (aka Tami Snodgrass) & Chloe Chippendale. It has since grown into a label that now offers several capsule collections and year and is carried in specialty stores across the world and back.

We’ve recently gone back to our roots, and Chloe has stayed back in the canyons of Topanga to take on a new project, Stoned Immaculate. It’s a curated vintage collection and online store she’s created with her soul-mate and lover, Chance Welton. You can watch her project emerge through her instagram feed: @stoned_immaculate_vtg |

Ginny Slim has stayed on and is taking things to the next level, working out of a jungle bungalow nestled in Maui’s north shore town of Haiku. We’ll have more  trippy capsule’s, upcycled vintage, branded collaborations & lot’s of little surprises along the way.

Follow both of the creators as they explore the world on two different astral planes, coming together for magical projects that only a label such as SHLS can.

Ginny Slim ⋙⋙ instagram~ @ginnyslim | Chloe Chippendale ⋙⋙ instagram~ @chloe_lovestoner

Wander in for our dizzy, lazy, wild-eyed, rock+roll, bed-head look at the world.